The 3 Big Social Media Question, Answered.

1. Does My Business Need a Social Media Account?

The short answer: Yes! 

Social media accounts help you make your business more available & visible to your current and future customers. Chances are, your customers are using their smartphones or computers to search for things that they need. You’ll want to be easily available to them where they are searching.

How to delete your different social media accountsCustomers want to be able to find information on your business easily. What are your hours? How can they contact you about an issue or question? Are you running a sale on their favorite product? These are all questions that a social media account could answer, resulting in you making a new sale.

2. Which Social Media Accounts Does My Business Need?

Your business doesn’t necessarily need to be on every social media platform. A good rule of thumb is to consider your customers; where are they spending their time online? You want to be where they are spending time.

You’ll need to understand your customer in order to set up the social media accounts that will be most beneficial for them. For example, younger audiences tend to gravitate towards Instagram and Twitter, while older audiences can be found on Facebook.

Each social media account that your business runs should have content that is curated for that specific platform. Content that works best on Facebook does not always translate well to Instagram and Twitter. You can share the same message on all platforms, but you should approach the delivery differently.

3. What Should I Post on My Social Media Accounts?

The best way to start posting to your social media accounts is to create a content calendar. Scheduling your content is more sustainable for you as a busy business owner than creating and posting daily.

Start by defining the messages you want to share with your public. Once you understand what you want to share, the content will follow naturally. Get creative here and play with different ways to share your message on different social media platforms.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Social media accounts can be confusing. Knowing what to post, when to post, and where to post often overwhelms business owners. Instead of letting social media become an unnecessary stress in your business, consider hiring a remote team to handle your social media presence.

Hiring a remote team like Summit Collaborations will help your social media presence appear professional while you sit back and reap the rewards. Summit Collaborations is a team of highly skilled marketing specialists who can create and manage your social media strategy remotely.

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