Personal vs Business Social Media Pages

We live in an online world, and social media is an important key to your business’s success. You and your business need to be on relevant social media platforms. Why should you separate your personal social media pages & business pages? Your customers or audience needs to recognize your brand only.

Take Apple for instance. You know about Steve Jobs, but you recognize Apple by their logo (that iconic Apple image) and the tone and style of the brand. It is the same with Walt Disney, Kate Spade, Nike and more. Brands need to stand out from their owners.

If you are a small business, it might be difficult to keep these pages separate. The line can blur because you are trying to advertise your company. You should be developing a personal brand as well as your business’s brand. Your business’s brand should be a little more unique, creative, and much more defined.

When starting with your personal brand, review and get comfortable with your personal social media profiles. Figure out what you want to display to the world. Your business brand should be cohesive on all social platforms so that potential customers could recognize you on any platform.

Account Tips

Some social media platforms only allow you to create one profile with one email. Create a website and an email for your business. Getting confused with your passwords? To keep your privacy and accounts safe, look into LastPass or share your passwords with your team on Google Drive.

How not to get too personal on your business pages:

  • Be objective, steer clear of political, personal or religious opinions.
  • Be careful when connecting to your personal page; make sure your personal page doesn’t have certain issues (political, personal or religious).
  • Keep in mind, your reputation is always on the line. People will look at who you follow (companies and people), what you post and what you comment on.

It is never too late to transition away from using your personal page primarily for your business. It is time to separate them. Don’t be afraid to use your personal influence to promote and increase your following to gain traffic for your business. Get creative and have fun. Once you start sharing and posting your content, social media can help build your brand’s personality.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram

Personal Social Media:

  • Profile Photo: Get a personal Headshot
  • How will someone follow you – what is your name? Are you recognized by your nickname?
  • Before you start to comment on blogs or post, practice writing. Always proofread your comments.
  • Embrace your experience. Share and learn from others.
  • Most importantly, be yourself!

Business Social Media:

  • Profile Photo: Make it your Business’s Logo (what will you be recognized for).
  • Follow clients, leads, and other businesses.
  • Follow your team, colleagues, and yourself.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Practice Writing before starting a blog, creating posts or other content.
  • Be consistent. Branding, voice, and style.

Getting overwhelmed? Hire a social media manager or a virtual assistant to manage your accounts, help you with your branding, and keep your accounts separated. Good luck, and stay social!