How to Use Instagram Story Highlights to Convert Viewers to Customers

Instagram story highlights could be your most underutilized tool when it comes to converting viewers to customers and loyal followers. The highlights are one more place to provide content that serves your customer, share great information about your company, and convert an Instagram viewer to a long-term client.

What are Instagram Story Highlights?

Instagram story highlights are saved Instagram stories that you can categorize in different sections. All of your old and new stories are archived within Instagram, so you don’t have to create new stories for things you’ve already covered.

The highlight videos and photos are saved and shared on your profile page right underneath your bio. When an instagram viewer goes to your Instagram profile, they first see your bio, and then your story highlights.

4 Ways to Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram highlights have the ability to capture someone’s attention and draw them in to learn more about your business. We’re going to cover 4 ways to beef up your Instagram highlights to start converting an instagram viewer to your next customer!

1. About Us Bubble

Your first Instagram story highlight should be an ‘About Us’ reel. Share information about who you are, what you sell, and how you serve your customers. You should provide this information in a mix of photos with text and videos.

2. Website Sections

The rest of your Highlight bubbles should have sections similar to those on your website. Ask yourself what information you can share with your customers to better serve them–and then put it on your Instagram highlights! People want access to information easily and quickly, so beefing up your social media with answers to questions is a great way to please your customers.

3. Bubble Covers

Your Instagram profile needs to look seamless, professional and should match your website branding. Many people make the mistake of not using a branded highlight cover which makes the profile appear chaotic and disorganized.

4. Update, Update, Update

Keep your Instagram highlights updated! You can add and delete stories from your highlights to give your customers the most up-to-date information on your business. Being present on your Instagram stories gives you content for your highlights as well as helps to engage your followers.

Need Help Using Instagram Story Highlights?

Summit Collaborations has a team of social media professionals who can curate your Instagram profile and social media to better engage your customers. Our talented graphic designer can make your highlight covers while our social media specialists can help create your highlight content, convert instagram viewers, and guide you to Instagram success. Contact us today and start seeing your business grow!