Monetize Your Website with Amazon

The Amazon affiliate marketing program, more commonly known as Amazon Associates,  has been successfully running for quite some time. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs have used the program since its early inception. If your business has its own products or niche, then the Amazon affiliate marketing program could greatly benefit your business.

Why Use Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

In 2019, Amazon has nearly every product under the sun, which is why it isn’t hard to find relevant products to monetize your website with. Let’s say you are just starting out and only have two or three products to sell. The average online shopper today will hold that against you and automatically assume your business isn’t reputable or established enough.

It’s a sad yet harsh truth that many starting out need to come to terms with. Some sites offer something very micro-niche, that are very well-designed and might be able to present their short list of products in an attractive way. However, if you want to have a “store” or be someone’s go-to resource for that particular kind of item, then Amazon can help.

How to Set-Up Your Amazon Affiliates Account

You’ll create an account through Amazon Associates, and then tell Amazon how you bring people to your site. Once they have the required information, you’re all set. You can now simply go anywhere into amazon and copy the product links directly from the site, and then apply them to yours.

Amazon affiliate links also can be used almost anywhere. You could create a youtube video to help boost traffic to your site and have affiliate links in the description. You can stick these links all over the place, social media, blogs, and even email them to people. Over time, as your site gains momentum, you can create an email subscription so that your subscribers get free updates directly into their inbox.

See where I’m going with this? Pop some product affiliate links in there. Each article or blog, or even a weekly newsletter with relevant product links to Amazon. Now you can keep up a consistent revenue stream as you monetize your site.

Monetize Your Site with the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon is the king of online retail. Trying to compete with them would never work out, so if you can’t beat em, join em! People use Amazon as a general reference point for online shopping today, but when they are looking for something specific, most online shoppers tend to keep their options open. That’s where you and your site can come in and take a piece of the pie.

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