Home Office Decor Ideas While Working Remotely

Stuck working from home during the coronavirus pandemic? A modern home office design shouldn’t be expensive or over the top. Your home office should speak to who you are as an individual and a professional. These home office decor ideas can help!

While working from home may be the “new normal,” a functional space is important to creating a work atmosphere that encourages productivity and promotes creativity in your role. Refresh the look of your home office with these 5 home office decor ideas.

1. Desks and Chairs

Setting up a comfortable office can make all the difference when it comes to an enjoyable and inspiring workspace. Any modern home office design should include an office’s top two amenities — a desk and chair. Perhaps your kitchen island serves as your desk or your living room sofa acts as your chair. Maybe you don’t even need a chair because you prefer standing desks.

Wherever you choose to set up your space — and however you like to work — be sure you can have easy access to everything you need in order to be productive at home.

2. Lamps

Every work space should have an ample amount of lighting – the more natural light the better! Decide how you can decorate your home office with various lighting styles and see which light works best for you whether you prefer a stylish lamp or natural light.

Many home office decor ideas include both — windows to allow for natural sunlight during the day and a floor or desk lamp for cozy evenings. If your space will be used as a temporary home office that will eventually be repurposed into another living area, then work through how to decorate a home office to serve multiple functionalities. Having both lamp and natural lighting options, for instance, may be a worthwhile consideration.

3. Decorations

Looking for office desk decoration ideas, but don’t know where to start or what to include in your decor? Start by determining the overall theme of your office so you can create a cohesive design for your space using decorations that mesh well together to bring your workspace to life. Common office themes include bohemian, minimalist, neutral, modern, and chic.

Once you determine the overall look and feel of your workspace, consider whether you want home office wall deco r or DIY desk decor — or a mix of both if you have wall and desk space! Each decor element you incorporate in your office speaks to your personality and can keep you productive and inspired throughout the workday.

4. Plants

Greenery can be a great way to add an element of freshness to your workspace if you need inspiration for how to decorate a home office. The most stylish and functional home office decor ideas can stem from plants, which add a vibrant and natural elegance to any modern home office design. Office plants not only remove air toxins, but can also increase the humidity of your surroundings.

Plants such as succulents, English Ivy, Aloe, and Bamboo act as the perfect office greenery, and if you need office desk decoration ideas, office plants can help you establish a workspace that improves employee satisfaction and productivity. In some cases, plants offer a relaxing and therapeutic vibe in a stressful office environment.

5. Area Rugs or Throw Blankets

Improve your modern home office design with a cozy element such as an area rug underneath your desk or a throw blanket draped over your chair. Rugs and blankets can help make your office look bigger and less cluttered, especially if you have a small space. Choose a design that is as simple as your home office wall decor or bolder than your furnishings. Either way, a cozy element adds volume to your workspace.

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