Feeling Overwhelmed? Let’s Get YOU Back On Track

Are you drowning in a mountain of work, looking for a life raft? It’s time to get you back on track.

Feeling overwhelmed with even just the current tasks at hand can actually decrease your productivity. You may procrastinate more or jump from project to project without actually finishing anything. It’s important to learn strategies that work for you to decompress. For some, detailed to-do lists work wonders. For others, a few minutes spent outside doing something active can change their entire mindset. Finding what works for you can be a fun adventure!

Whether you’re starting a side hustle, have a long list of tasks and goals, or you’re in school with a full-time job, you’ve got stress and very little time. Instead of stressing, start working smarter. Here are tips to help you reduce your individual stress.

For the Morning Person / Go-Getter

● Make a list the night before.

● Don’t touch your phone until you are in front of your computer.

● Make time for breakfast.

● Have 20 minutes of quiet time before your day truly begins

● Go to bed early, get your 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Start your own nighttime routine.

For the New Entrepreneur / Creator

● Use Sundays to decompress & create task lists for the upcoming week.

● Have a clear understanding of your business plan & goals.

● Create a marketing strategy or hire someone to create one for you.

● Check your agenda often.

● Focus on what you can control. Delegate your projects & hire a Virtual Assistant.

For the Multitasker / Active Person

● Take deep breaths, one minute 5x per day.

● Take Sundays off.

● Enjoy each project before going to the next one.

● Ask for help.

● Take a break from social media, better yet, hire a social media manager.

● Exercise. Don’t have time? Walk or run (take it easy, one mile at a time).

● Hydrate, meditate, & decompress.

For the Bookworm / Educational Sponge

● Make a list of books you want to read for leisure & books you need to complete for classwork.

● Give yourself goals after completing an assignment & a project for work.

● Buy yourself a planner (somewhere you can cross tasks off your list). Digital Calendars, old school planners and wall whiteboards – get them all.

Get Back on Track With Summit Collaborations

You are not alone when it comes to stress and getting off track. The only thing you can do for yourself is to get back to your original goals.

Is your to-do list riddled with work that feels distracting or auxiliary to your business? Let Summit Collaborations help! As your virtual assistant, we’re prepared to handle any task you throw at us to bring your business to success. Reach out today!