2020 Marketing Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

After decades of disrupting communications between brands and people, there is no questioning the power of the internet. As customer interests continue to change and new communication platforms steadily surface, it is essential for digital marketers and business owners alike to stay on top of 2020 marketing trends.

The turnover of daily releases may leave users confused with their digital experience. With that, there is an increased need for the online landscape to be more personal. It is the brand’s responsibility to remain as humanly present as possible, reaching out with a familiar feel behind the screen. Here are five 2020 marketing trends to invest in, not only to survive but also succeed in the new age of digital marketing.

2020 Marketing Trends

Connect Deeper with User and Customer Experience

Smartphones continue to grow as a brand-to-consumer bridge, providing businesses real-time customer interaction. Enhancing user experience with mobile-friendly navigation adds to the overall customer experience. Focusing on all aspects of CX – namely the quality of UX design and customer interactions – results in long-term brand loyalty.

Spotlight on User-Generated Content (UGC)

Utilizing user-generated content lets brands tell real stories from real people.  UGC takes its form in consumer reviews, influencer posts, memes, and other brand mentions on social media. UGC enables brands to create an online social community built on authentic and direct relationship with the audience.

Dive into AR/VR Marketing

What used to be an ambitious concept then is now a breakthrough promotional marketing tool. Augmented and Virtual Reality is changing how brands create interactive content. AR combines real- and virtually-generated worlds while VR transports the user to a 360-degree simulated environment, both allowing brands to play with the senses and be more virtually present in real-time. The use of AR and VR features also influences purchasing intentions. For example, brands like Warby Parker allow you to “try on” your glasses digitally before you actually purchase them.

Capture Attention with Video Marketing

It’s not just YouTube: From thirty-second tutorials to branded videos, live streams, and webinars, there are endless video content possibilities that marketers can explore. Audiences are more likely to respond to content with movement than just plain text. To add to that, video marketing enables you to reformat your content for various platforms.


  • Transcribing text from the video and turn it into a standalone article
  • Transform it into Instagram and Facebook Story content
  • Post the content as a native Facebook video to gain more engagement
  • Make live content available even after streaming
  • Strip it to just the audio and repurpose it as a podcast episode

Touch Niche Bases with Podcasts

Podcasts are certainly on the rise as a 24/7 entertainment companion, creating moments that visual content can’t. Marketing via podcasts allows you to navigate through audience interests. Whether it’s targeting ads to an existing podcast following, appearing on episodes as a subject matter expert, or creating your own show, marketers can touch base with niche groups and direct them to their brand.

What Next for 2020 Marketing Trends?

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